Cotton flame retardant protective pants

Cotton flame retardant protective pants

  • Model: YL-JK199
  • Material: Cotton flame retardant fabric
  • Weight: 320g
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Standard: NFPA2112,EN ISO 14116,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 11611,ASTM F1506,ASTM F1959,ISO4920
  • Function: Flame retardant, fireproof, arc resistant, anti-melting, abrasion resistant, breathable
  • Application: Fire, forest protection, oilfield drilling, machining, offshore oil and gas fields, refineries, etc.
  • Features: Can be customized

FR clothing|Flame retardant clothing|Fire proof workwear|YuLong textile

1. Overall trousers with black and gray stitching.

2. The slanting pockets of the trousers are color-blocking pockets, which are more fashionable.

3. There is a small oblique pocket on each side of the oblique pocket. The 3# resin zipper is more closed than the closed one. It can put some small items and it is more practical.

4. There are contrast knee pads at the knees, and the lower velcro is closed. The wearer can fill the protective surface according to different working conditions to protect the knee from injury.

5. There are two patch pockets on the back hips, plus a flap, the velcro is closed, and the bottom of the bag is double-layered, which increases the wear resistance of the pocket. There are flaps on the flaps, and the upper and lower layers of the flaps are two-tone, which highlights the chic of the pockets.

6. There is a tool under the left hip pocket that connects to the side seams and can be used to hang some tools.

7. There is a small pocket with a contrast color under the tool ,, you can put some special gadgets.

8. There is a double-layered three-dimensional bag under the small pocket, the Velcro is closed, and it is the perfect combination of casual pants and overalls.

9. There is a double-layered ruler bag and a mobile phone bag under the right hip pocket. The ruler bag can hold some long tools such as a ruler. The mobile phone bag velcro is closed, which can store the mobile phone, so that the wearer can distinguish the finer. The location of the item.

10. The outer seam and inner quilting of the trousers are 3-wire buried clamps to make the seams stronger.

11. All pockets and points of force are knotted and fixed, increasing the durability of the garment.

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