CVC flame retardant bib pants

CVC flame retardant bib pants

  • Model: YL-bo179
  • Material: CVC polyester cotton flame retardant yarn card
  • Weight: 310g
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Standard: ISO4920,ASTM F1506,EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 14116,NFPA70E,NFPA2112
  • Function: Flame retardant, arc resistant, anti-melting, heat insulation, high temperature resistance
  • Application: Power industry, oil fields, natural gas fields, oil refineries, chemical industries, etc. where there is arc splash and fire
  • Features: Can be customized

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1. The front pocket is a two-color stitching. Beautiful and elegant

2. There is a vertical pocket on the right side, and the zipper is closed for easy storage of small and easy to throw items.

3. Add pants to the waist, you can wear a belt, more practical

4. The side pockets of the trousers are obliquely inserted into the pocket, and the pockets are covered with red teeth.

5. The waist is elastic to adjust the size of the waist, making the wearer more comfortable

6. Two pockets on the buttocks and two flaps, the two Velcro closures, the velcro four-line pressure line and cross line, more solid and firm.

7. The trouser leg has a 5cm flame retardant tape with a double line.

8. Door 5# double metal zipper closure.

9. Twill elastic band at the strap for easy movement

10. The strap and the pocket are combined by the buckle to facilitate the wearing and closing, and the length of the strap can be adjusted.

11. Both the pocket and the point of force will be knotted.