Tibetan blue flame retardant coverall

Tibetan blue flame retardant coverall

  • Model: YL-CO198
  • Material: CVC flame retardant tribute
  • Weight: 9.1OZ
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Standard: NFPA2112, ASTM F1959, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116, ISO 4920
  • Function: Flame retardant, fireproof, arc resistant, anti-melting
  • Application: Fire, forest protection, oilfield drilling, machining, offshore oil and gas fields, refineries, etc.
  • Features: Can be customized

FR clothing|Flame retardant clothing|Fire proof workwear|YuLong textile

1. The shoulders, sleeves, and trouser legs have a 5cm reflective tape. The double-needle pressure line makes the reflective tape more firm and beautiful.

2. The collar of the shirt makes the whole piece of clothing more fashionable.

3. The front chest and the two mouths are attached to the bag and the bag closure. The four-button closure will prevent the debris from splashing into the pocket during work and cause damage to human skin.

4. The wearer's left chest pocket has a pen hole for easy pen storage.

5. The door 襟 5# metal two-way zipper is closed to the neckline, and the waistband is attached to the waistband. The bottom collar and the waist section have a four-button closure, which greatly improves the safety of the garment.

6. The back waist is elastic to adjust the waist size for a more comfortable fit.

7. Two patch pockets on the back hips Add the flaps and close the snaps.

8. Pants with two slant pockets and white pockets for the wearer's practical functions.

9. There is a patch pocket and a flap on each side of the leg. The snap closure is closed, which greatly increases the storage space of the wearer's items.

10. There is a sleeve on the left sleeve reflective belt to facilitate the storage of small items by the wearer.

11. The cuffs are split and the two four-button closures of the sleeves are closed to adjust the cuff size, which is convenient for the wearer to roll the cuffs.

12. All the pockets and points of the clothes are knotted and fixed, which increases the durability and durability of the garment.

13. The collar of the shirt, the placket, the shoulders, the pockets, the cuffs, the waist joints, the outer seams of the pants, and the front and rear waves are double bright lines, increasing the firmness of the clothes.

label: coverall