Wearing a work clothes to take a wedding photo - witness the simple love

2018-11-12 17:38:39 yulong 586

Who said that when you get married, you must wear a white wedding dress and tuxedo? Recently, there are wedding photos of newly married couples in Thailand that have been praised by netizens all over the world! They don't have a very luxurious wedding, and they don't need gorgeous wedding dresses, but their wedding photos are simple and warm.

A couple of newcomers have been married in Thailand. The photographer, photographer Yusree yusohem, who is in charge of the filming, published a series of "short-cut wedding photos" on Facebook. The newcomer in the photo, the man is a rubber-cutting worker, and the woman is a beautiful nurse. Teacher, the two did not wear gorgeous dresses when taking wedding photos.

They wear clothes that are usually in work, and even the shooting venue, in the rubber plantation, subverts the photo format chosen by the average newcomer.

Although dressed in the usual, the photos show the true love of each other, you can see that they really love each other.

This group of warm and special wedding photos was shared more than 14,000 times in a short period of time. Many mainstream media at home and abroad rushed to report and received praise.

It is said that wearing a work uniform to take a wedding photo is the bride and groom's own idea. They believe that the work clothes not only mean that they love their work, but also show that love does not depend on the profession, but depends on whether the two really agree.

In addition, they also think that when they take wedding photos, they wear clothes at work instead of dresses, but they are closer to each other! They want to tell all lovers: "Putting a dirty work clothes and taking a wedding photo does not mean that you only care about your work, but you want to prove that love has nothing to do with the professional class. As long as you really love each other, you will be happy."

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's awareness of safety, it is normal for different working environments to wear work clothes with different protective functions. The work clothes not only have the functional difference between flame-retardant clothing, arc-proof clothing and anti-static clothing, but also have a great improvement in fashion aesthetics. Therefore, wearing a beautiful and beautiful overalls to take pictures of your wedding photos to witness love is also a good choice!

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