Work clothes are the best lovers

2018-11-12 17:45:44 yulong 738

The day of May 20th was also referred to as "confession day." The reporters in Fujian have recorded the couples and couples working in the same unit, wearing the same section of work clothes for a moment of love. Come and see the 520 fancy confession of ordinary couples!

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Lin Bozhen, 30 years old; Zhang Hong, 28 years old, the two met after joining the army in 2011, working together in Fujian firefighting. In 2014, the two married, and now the child is two years old. On the eve of May 20 this year, Lin Pozhen once again proposed to Zhang Hong. Zhang Hong’s heart has always had a regret, and the police uniform did not take a good photo. To this end, Lin Bojun specially looked for the photographer who photographed them that year. On May 20 this year, he re-photographed a group at the Fujian Fire Corps. In 2012, Lin Bozhen and Zhang Hong began to fall in love. The most in the drawer is the train ticket. Although they are more and more separated, although they often cannot go home because of combat preparation, their love is tacit.

FR clothing|Flame retardant fabric|Fire proof workwear|YuLong textile

Yang Ziyue, 21 years old; He Huifen, 20 years old. The two graduated from the university, and they gathered in the Fuzhou locomotive section of the railway. The boys were driving the train and the girls were repairing the train. May 20 is exactly the 100th day they are together, and they want their love to last as long as the train tracks.

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