Nanjing chemical plant explosion fires firefighters rescue minor burns

2018-11-13 17:58:50 yulong 717

At 21:15 on June 12, 2018, the Dana Chemical Plant in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park exploded and caused a fire. The site exploded several times and the fire department rushed to the scene. It was confirmed that the site was ignited and ignited by the ethylene oxide unit, and the surrounding three alcohol storage tanks were ignited.

At 2:55 on the morning of June 13, the open fire on the scene was completely extinguished. In order to prevent re-ignition, first-line firefighters wear fire-fighting suits to continuously cool the tanks in water spray. Basically, they have seen sporadic smoke. Since this chemical plant is located in the chemical park in Nanjing, there is no residential area around it, so it has not caused serious impact. At the same time, the pollution of the environment is not very serious, and the fire fighters are gradually withdrawing.

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Since the fire occurred in a chemical plant, and the ethylene oxide in the device that initially exploded and ignited was poisonous, whether fire and deflagration would cause harmful substances to leak was highly concerned by nearby residents. It is understood that the explosion of the Dana chemical plant is the second chemical plant explosion in Nanjing in the past two months.

At about 21:15 on the evening of June 12, the intermediate tank area of the ethylene glycol butyl ether plant of the Denai Chemical Co., Ltd. in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park exploded. The accident caused three of the six adjacent storage tanks to catch fire. The volume of each body is about 1000 cubic meters, and the burning height of the open flame reaches about 15 meters.

After the accident, the Nanjing Fire Command Center mobilized 151 people from 30 fire squadrons and 30 squadrons of the Yangtze Fire Brigade.

Fire fighters involved in on-site rescue: The most important thing is cooling and cooling, and now the water mist system of the tank itself is already in operation.

After the explosion of the device, the on-site staff was evacuated to the safe area in time, and the automatic water cannon around the device also started to spray water. At the press conference held at 1 am on June 13, Chu Yuyu, deputy secretary of the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park Working Committee, reported the losses caused by the accident:

Chu Yuyu: During the on-site rescue process, a firefighter involved in the rescue and three workers involved in the rescue had mild burns and had been sent to hospital for treatment. According to the monitoring of the environmental protection department, the deflagration did not affect the atmosphere and the surrounding water bodies. In the middle.

It is understood that Dana Chemical Factory was established in December 2004. It is the largest producer of alcohol ethers and esters in China. For the people concerned about the pollution caused by the explosion, Sun Jiaxing, general manager of Dana Chemical Factory, explained that the intermediate tank is butyl ether. There are dibutyl ether mixtures, butyl ether is closely related to our lives, is the coating solvent. Combustion is the production of carbon dioxide and water, which is harmless to the human body.

The Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Plant, which is also located north of the Yangtze River, exploded about 6 o'clock in the morning of April 21 this year. The T-430 refining tower of the ethylene glycol plant in the plant exploded. The accident caused one person to be slightly injured and did not produce any pollution to the atmosphere and water. Great impact.

With the arrival of the high temperature flood season in the summer, production safety accidents entered a period of multiple occurrences and prone to development. In less than two months, two chemical plant explosions occurred in Nanjing, which had to attract the attention of enterprises and government departments. Chu Yuyu, deputy secretary of the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park Working Committee: Follow-up on the safe production of this enterprise, including the safe production of other enterprises, the park will carry out further inspections to ensure the safe operation of production equipment.

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