Three people were injured in a refinery oil storage tank

2018-11-13 18:03:50 yulong 737

At 1:48 am on December 26, 2018, three light oil storage tanks of the Yan'an Refinery of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Refining and Chemical Company had a flash fire accident. Initially, there were 3 people with burns, and the specific casualties were unknown.

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After the accident, Yan'an launched an emergency plan, organized public security, fire, and armed police to carry out rescue, and monitored the water quality of nearby water bodies, and established seven intercepting dams to prevent pollution of downstream water bodies.

At 10 o'clock on the morning of the 26th, two oil tanks with large reserves were extinguished, but the last open fire of a small-volume flash tank was repeated many times. Until 14:10 pm on the 26th, the open flame of the last fire tank of the refinery tank explosion accident was also extinguished. According to the on-site public security, fire control, safety supervision and other departments experts, the fires of the three fire tanks involved in the accident have all been extinguished.

It is reported that the next step of rescue and rescue will be transferred to the site for close monitoring, and will concentrate on protecting and managing environmental pollution. The cause of the accident remains to be further investigated.

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