11 people died in a fire at Jieyang Underwear Factory

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At 13:25 on March 26, 2019, a fire broke out in a female underwear factory in Jieyang, Guangdong Province. After being fired by the fire brigade, 17 trapped people were successfully rescued from the fire. The hospital tried to rescue them, 11 of them were inhaled. A large number of toxic smoke caused the suffocation to be rescued and died, the remaining 2 were seriously injured, and 4 people were in stable hospitalization.

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According to local villagers, the fire broke out in a five-story building. This building is similar to the workshop. It mainly produces women's underwear bras and is also the place where employees live. Afterwards, it was learned from the fire brigade that a large amount of flammable materials were accumulated in the building and there was no relevant fire and fire protection facilities.

Just a few minutes after the fire broke out in the building, the fire swallowed up the entire building. The windows of the building also emitted smoke and fire. At the time, there were about 20 workers working in the building. The fire came too hard, only a few people escaped, and most people were trapped inside the building. After receiving the fire, the local fire squadron immediately dispatched 7 fire engines, and 42 firefighters immediately rushed to the scene to put out the fire. After a nervous save, the fire was completely extinguished at 13:54 pm.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Public Security Bureau of Jieyang City, the Jieyang Municipal Government announced on the afternoon of the 27th that the site was on fire with a 5-story reinforced concrete structure. The fire area was about 208 square meters (the first floor) and 17 people were rescued from the scene. Due to the large amount of flammable materials such as sponges in the factory, a large amount of toxic gases were generated after the fire. The 15 injured people who were sent to Jieyang People's Hospital from the scene of the fire were poisoned by inhaling excessive smoke. As of 17:00 on the same day, Among them, 11 people died due to suffocation and rescue, and the factory owner has escaped.

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Recently, the Jieyang Municipal Public Security Bureau has set up four working groups, including the case handling group, the investigation team, the stability stabilization working group, the hunt and the technical appraisal group, to quickly investigate the accident. At the same time, the leaders also requested that the city’s carpet safety inspection be carried out immediately to eliminate fire safety. Hidden dangers.

Extending thinking about the fire accident at Jieyang Underwear Factory: What are the fire equipment equipped in the factory? Does the overalls have flame retardant protection?

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