The development and application of modacrylic –cotton fabric

2019-03-25 16:16:46 yulong 174

Nitrile chlorinated fiber is a modified acrylic fiber with natural flame retardant properties and has consistent flame retardancy even when blended with other natural fibers. The most common is a modacrylic cotton fabric blended with nitrile chloride fiber and cotton. Its limiting oxygen index can reach 28-32. The blending ratio of nitrile chloride and cotton can be adjusted to achieve different flame retardant effects. Outstanding flame retardant properties do not decrease over time and the number of washes.

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Xinxiang yulong textile co.,ltd take latest production processing produced the modacrylic cotton fabric have below characristics : 1. Excellent FR performance ,no melt and drip when the fabric is burned, only carbonize, which can avoid secondary injury, and the flame retardant performance can pass A11, B1, C1 of EN11612;  2.Arc proof functional , the ATPV value can up to 8 cal ;  3. Have soft handing like natural fiber 4. Excellent comfort and water absorption, good skin-friendly.

The modacrylic cotton fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile mainly has 150-350 g/m2 woven fabric, and the modacrylic cotton knitted fabric includes modacrylic cotton fleece, modacrylic cotton wool, modacrylic cotton jersey etc. It can be applied to industrial protection and fire protection, and has been widely used in petrochemical, gas, electric power and other industries.