The cotton flame retardant anti-static fabric of Yulong textile is on hot-sale

2019-04-22 09:43:39 yulong 358

  The cotton flame retardant fabric was treated by proban or CP, it can make the normal cotton fabric has the durable FR function. And can be washed 50 times to 100 times , While the formaldehyde content in full compliance with international environmental requirements of less than 300ppm, or even the lowest can reach 50ppm of formaldehyde content. The cotton anti-static fabric is the cotton fabric by adding conductive fibers, so that it has a permanent anti-static function. The cotton flame-retardant anti-static fabric process is by adding conductive fibers in the cotton fabric production process, the use of proban or CP process for finishing, so that the cotton cloth both has anti-static function and fire-retardant features, and these two functions do not interfere with each other. The use of our production of cotton anti-static fabric made of anti-static protective clothing has good protective properties, the number of functional fabrics washed more than the number of clothing the overall wash-resistant.

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  In the actual wearing of protective clothing, not only requires that it has a protective effect after the occurrence of harm, but also need to have protective clothing to prevent the occurrence of the role of harm. The flame-retardant function is when the wearer in the hazard occurs, can effectively slow down the spread of the flame to give the wearer enough time to escape the scene and take off the burning protective clothing; anti-static function is very good to prevent electrostatic aggregation , So as to prevent a greater risk from the source. Retardant and anti-static function of these two superimposed, can effectively prevent and protect the human body's security, greater protection to the wearer.

  International more and more countries and enterprises are aware of the importance of protecting front-line workers personal safety, as early as the 1980s, there have been flame retardant and anti-static function of the fabric and the corresponding protective clothing market demand, While China is a little later. Yu Long Textile in our contact with this industry, to its great interest and continue to invest in scientific research, and constantly develop more specifications, more features of the protective fabric. And after years of sales experience we found that the demand for flame-retardant anti-static fabric is increasing, and we produce cotton flame-retardant anti-static fabric sales is rising year after year. Can be expected, with a more stringent line of workers in urgent need of protection products will still be a hot product in the future market. 

  We YuLong Textile based on the customer, continue to produce in line with market demand for the protection of fabrics and clothing for the majority of front-line workers to provide a personal security.