Learning Experience Of Henan Import And Export Business Training Class Got By Yulong Textile

2019-04-29 08:54:44 48

  In order to improve the management level of cross-border trade enterprises in our province, and cultivate the professional quality of personnel engaged in import and export business, and continuously complete the comprehensive mode of import and export business of whole province, Henan provincial department of commerce held Henan foreign trade industrial base and import and export business training class in March 25th, 2019. As the important member of Henan export textile industry, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. had the pleasure to be invited to attend the training with the representatives of Bureau of Commerce of all counties. 

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  According to the development trend of foreign trade marketing, promotion channel of cross-border trade, dilemma of export enterprise marketing etc. the training class organized the relevant discussion and communication in depth, the representatives sent by the many leading foreign trade enterprises positively shared the import and export working experience in their relevant fields. Having the modest attitude, the representative of Yulong seriously read the training content, studied the advanced experience of each company in depth, thus draw nutrients for the improvement of our company.

  After the training, Yulong knows that the present global economic environment and activity projects experienced a lot of changes after the using of information technology in large scale, the top 10 companies of global market includes seven internet companies. The various information shows that the digital technology bring the new development opportunities for the global economy, meanwhile it bring the new challenge for us. In the battle field of cross-border trade, as one of the middle and small sized enterprises, Yulong Textile faces the same market opportunity with the large sized enterprises in each information platform, so it is the favorable race condition brought by the development of times, which requires the Yulong cultivate the foreign trade team with professional quality to seize the moment, make achievements.

  From the beginning to the end, Yulong believes that the excellent employee is the greatest wealth of the enterprise, the elite foreign trade team is the leader who creates the fortune for the enterprise. According to the learning experience of the training class, we need to build more broaden business platform for our foreign trade team, improve the self-quality of talents, complete the management system of Yulong, reach the double improvement of the self-value of employee and the value of Yulong.

  How to accurately screen the effective customer information of abroad market in the mass resources brought by the information technology, is also the important content of this training. Yulong believes that, firstly use the full network multichannel system of “SSBAP” including search engine, social media, big data, initiative marketing and platform marketing to obtain the information, secondly, the foreign trade team establishes the international marketing group, integrates the information of whole network, analyses marketing trend, completes the operation change, then the customer information with good quality can be screened finally like gold washing.

  Our company thanks Henan provincial department of commerce so much to hold this import and export training class, to provide this rare learning opportunity for us. In the future, Yulong will continuously improve ourselves, to strengthen the management within the company, speed up the training of foreign traded team, make more contributions to Henan cross-border trade market.