Eastern European Customers Purchase Flame Retardant Coveralls From Our Company

2019-07-01 10:36:41 31

        During the hot summer, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. welcomed several customers from Eastern European, which want to buy a batch of flame retardant coveralls. It is known that the most areas of customer’s country are in the northern temperate zone, which have diversity climate, severe cold and long winter. Their country pays much attention to the administration and legal supervision of safety production, the consciousness of safety protection of enterprises is strong, most of people reach the consensus on industry production, environment protection, labor safety and health, so the higher requirement has been put forward for the safety and health of labors in the production. The articles for labor protection are the important tools to protect the life safety and physical health of labors in the production, Its quality is directly related to the health and life safety of labors, so the high quality articles for labor protection has a broad market prospects in their countries.

        After the deep communication, we know that customers require the fabric of flame retardant coverall has the excellent flame retardant, anti-arc, anti-melt drop function, which can help the workers be out of the danger at the dangerous moment.

        According to the requirement of Eastern European customers, our company recommend YL-CO221# flame retardant coverall for them. This flame retardant coverall adopts cotton satin flame retardant fabric. The cotton satin flame retardant fabric produced by our company has the excellent laundering durability performance, non-poisonous, tasteless, nonirritant, breathable, and which has the bright color, excellent moisture-penetrability and flame retardant performance. Such fabric is the first choice of winter clothing fabric, which is sold well in Europe and North America. YL-CO221# flame retardant coverall is applied in electric power industry, oil field, gas field, oil refinery, chemical industry etc. 

        After the detailed introduction and explanation of our company personnel to the YL-CO221# flame retardant coverall, these customers from Eastern Europe were very satisfied with the coverall, decided to purchase in bulk, and showed their strong interests to the other products of our company, wanted to cooperate with Yulong for long term.

        Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is founded in 2002, we have been focused on manufacturing flame retardant fabric , fluorescent fabric, other functional fabrics and safety protection clothing. Our company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of gaining customers' trust through our professionalism, which is believed to be the reason why Eastern European customers purchased a large number of YL-CO221# flame retardant coveralls.