Welding overalls how to choose?

2018-07-26 18:00:36 yulong 335

When companies in the welding industry choose clothes for their employees, they should consider that the welders' work environment is rather harsh, and radiation will be generated during the work process. The radiation is too serious and it is not good for people's bodies. Therefore, welding is performed. When workers choose welding overalls, they must pay attention to the radiation protection function of the clothes.

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General work clothes do not have the function of radiation protection. They must have a professional manufacturer at the time of custom welding work clothes. They should use work clothes made of radiation protection materials to make working clothes. During the welding work, polyester or other chemical fiber cloths will be exposed to heat. When it becomes liquid and sticks to the body, it is easy to cause burns and scalds; while the overalls of cotton are more resistant to high temperatures, and even if burned, they will only turn gray and will not be deformed. Therefore, the overalls of cotton fabrics are also of very high value.

The fabric color of the welding work clothes is generally white or beige. Do not underestimate the white. The national regulations require that the color of the welder's work clothes is white. This makes sense. Electric welders' work clothes are fire-proof, usually cotton fabrics, and the color fastness of cotton fabrics is not easy to control. After strong light irradiation, the colors will turn yellow or red, and white (usually bleached) will have strong light reflectivity and relatively bright colors. Better reflectivity and more effective protection of the body.

In fact, the fabric that is most suitable for welder's overalls is white canvas. White is a must. The characteristics of white canvas can protect welders from radiation and health. In the process of slashing, there will be a large amount of Mars jumping out. The white canvas can also help the employees to avoid burns because the white canvas also has a flame-retardant effect. The welding work clothes are basically made of pure cotton, but white canvas work clothes are more suitable for welders to wear.


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