Anti-fouling Fabric in Our Lives

2019-05-06 08:57:34 62

  Anti-fouling fabric refers to the fabric surface is easy to clean even wipe off slightly when it has been stained. Anti-fouling fabric produced by Yulong Textile is treated by soil release finishing, which can protect from stains and clean easily, that is to say, anti-fouling fabric isn’t easy to be contaminated. Even if it is, it will be simply decontaminated in the regular conditions. The materials of anti-fouling fabric made by Yulong include 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/nylon and other customized composition. Accordingly, the flame retardant fabric  can be made flame retardant anti-fouling fabric after soil release finishing.

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  Characteristics of anti-fouling fabric made by Yulong:

  1.Superior anti dried stains performance. Dust and dirt can be easily eliminated or wiped off. The appearance can remain new for a long time.

  2.Great wash-ability. The effect can take many washings.

  3.Fabulous fastness. Soil release treatment can be used in pure white or other light color textile, which helps reduce the washing time.

  4.Soft hand feeling. Remain the permeability of textile and keep comfortable wearing.

  Anti fouling fabric is highly suitable for the workers who are usually exposed in mineral oil or animal and vegetable oil environment.